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One of the benefits of helping Veterans from all around the Valley over the years is getting to share the awesome resources we find along the way.

We hope these help you on your journey toward healing.

Residential Facilities
Image by Terrah Holly
Residential Facilities
US Vet Home

Each year U.S.VETS – Phoenix serves over 1,200 veterans though outreach, case management, housing services, individual and group counseling, and workforce related activities.

Tim Shays

Maverick House Sober Living

Maverick House Sober Living is where accountability and personal responsibility meet. Designed as a sober living environment for men, we provide a positive, healthy place to continue the gains that have been made in recovery.

Matt Schlechty

James Walton Home

Our mission is to have every homeless veteran gain back their pride and dignity so that they can return to society as a self-sufficient and productive member once again.


Image by Steve Halama





Honor House and YahwehYoga have partnered to provide FREE Christian Style Digital Downloads and Digital Health Library to all of our beloved Active Military/Veterans & Their Families during this unpresented time. The downloads are prayerful and of all lengths from 10-minutes to 1-hour and all levels from Restorative to Power.  


Simply click here:


Once there click on Digital Downloads and/or Health Library.  When you check out, use the code Honor House at the very end of the process. The code activates once you have hit “purchase” you will not be charged...once you hit purchase it will ask if you have a code, that’s when you put in Honor House. 


Be well heroes!  We Love You All - Stay Well!

Deanna Smothers

Tempe Acupuncture

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know too much about acupuncture treatments, and might have even thought about running away at the thought of needles somewhere on this page. No worries! Even the burliest ex-football player tattooed Marines tend to be nervous about this stuff, but let me be the first to put those fears to rest.

Jasmine Aziz


Frank A. Molinar CFP®

Consistently ranked 5 stars, Frank Molinar connects, inspires, and challenges audiences of all demographics to build richer lives. Weaving humor, case studies, and personal experience he makes important concepts easy to understand, hard to forget, and profoundly motivating.

Frank A. Molinar

Please share this list with others and if you feel we are missing a valuable resource, let us know.

In need of something else? 

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