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Bios PS3 Emulatorx V1.1.7 Download




ips Subtitles :_ Chinese.In English. Phi Phi Islands Happynest ©2005 Cierra ////////////////////////////////////////// //VERSION: 1.1.7 //////////////////// P.S. Description : Play as Boo and Bubbles. Hit your head against the wall. And you will lose life. Can you give up? No, you must try to get away from the wall. For Bubbles, you can put on the one-of-a-kind Boo Bouncer. If you win the game, you will unlock a secret area, and you will get an extra life. Bubbles won't always be friendly, but Boo will be with you all the way! You start the game from the very beginning. You must find 7 secret areas. You need to gather the 9 items. You need to reach the destination. The goal of the game is to clear bubbles from the screen. You can use the items to shoot the bubbles. You can use the Boo Bouncer to catch the bubbles. Oh, remember your buddy Boo? With this emulator, you can play the games as your buddy Boo. You will be so lucky to play as your buddy Boo. Have fun!!! ............................................................................... Complete the objective! Are you ready? Ready to hit the head against the wall. Finally, you can clear all the bubbles. That is my wish! Unlock the mystery. Who is your buddy Boo? You are playing a game on a Phii islands. These are mysterious islands. You will have a hard time. But if you hit your head against the wall, you can clear all the bubbles. Do you want to hit your head against the wall? Hit the head against the wall. Hope you enjoy the game. Happynest ©2005 Cierra




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Bios PS3 Emulatorx V1.1.7 Download

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