Operation Healing Journey


Operation Healing Journey has been Honor House's keystone program. As a vision from our founder Brian Mancini, OHJ was created to bring Veteran centered care doorstep of the Veteran in transition. We do this by partnering with a large variety of care providers across Arizona.


Operation Healing Journey (OHJ) is a proactive approach in assisting to fill the transitional and medical gaps from the departure of the military into the civilian sector. Operation Healing Journey is focused on utilizing the resources from within the community and works in conjunction with regular medical practices to provide a structured three-month program that will empower the veteran to find and seek healthy alternatives along the transitional and healing journey.


The US Military has been involved in major combat operations since 2001. The "signature wound" from Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom has been combat-related PTS and traumatic brain injury. 1 in 5 returning combat veterans have been diagnosed with PTS and/or traumatic brain injury. The rate of suicide in combat veterans has risen to 22 each and every day.

​Alternative therapy is defined as "any of various systems of healing or treating disease (as chiropractic, homeopathy, etc.) not included in traditional medical curricula." Alternative therapies that have proven effective in the treatment of those with combat-related PTS and TBI include spinal networking, acupuncture, yoga, Tai Chi, animal therapies, and outdoor recreation therapies. *
*Strauss, Ph.D., Jennifer L. and Ariel J. Lang, Ph.D., MPH, "Complementary and Alternative Treatments for PTSD" PTSD Research Quarterly, Vol. 23 (2012): n. pag

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PTS and TBI are REAL problems that many of our service members are facing today. PTS is often caused by a sensory overload of negative events. OHJ seeks to influence the healing process and cause a sensory overload of positive events.

Taking control of their own healing calendars and utilizing resources from within their own communities allows each client the opportunity to have a voice in at least some part of their own healing.

Although there is no "magic pill" to cure the signature wounds of combat today, the alternative therapies discussed, in conjunction with traditional medical practices and taking a proactive instead of a reactive approach to their healing can allow veterans to adapt to the changes that have occurred within their lives.