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Instruments 4 Success


Instruments 4 Success, amplified by Honor House, collects and distributes musical instruments to Arizona military veterans transitioning through VA hospitalizations, Building 31, and other inpatient, long term, therapeutic and care treatment centers.

Instruments are given to veterans who wish to find music, to veterans who could benefit from finding music and to veterans that feel lost without music.

" promote success in future endeavors and divert negative experiences into a POSITIVE VIBE we call music."

What better choice than to pick up a musical instrument instead of that substance -or- to play it out instead of fight it out. This mission and music are personal to Stephen Bradford as we serve his legacy.

Instrument Donation Drop-off Locations

Honor House HQ
8433 N. Black Canyon Highway
Phoenix, Az 85021
Mon-Fri 9AM-3PM

Mike Nye Instrument Repair
943 E Guadalupe
Tempe, AZ 85004

Want to donate an instrument?

Instruments 4 Success is
extremely thankful to all past,
present & future supporters and donors!
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