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Friends and Supporters of Honor House:


Over the years, you our loyal supporters, have helped Honor House to put hundreds of Veterans through our extended programs. Many have acknowledged that without the program they might not be here today. In addition, your generosity and caring has enabled us to assist hundreds of individual Veterans not enrolled in the programs in various other ways. 


When Brian Mancini first established the Honor House with his vision of using alternative therapeutic modalities to help combat veterans on their journey of healing he was ahead of his time. There were few if any of these types of resources available through the VA Medical system or organized for Veterans in the Community. Over the years thanks in large part to Brians original vision and Honor House that has changed. Today the VA Medical centers and many other organizations are offering a variety of alternative and complementary therapies to help our Veterans. 


The past several years have been some of the most difficult for our world, our country and for small non-profits such as Honor House. We had to cancel all our major fund raisers and dip heavily into our financial reserves to keep programs running. 


Due to these financial challenges and recognizing that adversity often facilitates an opportunity for organizations to re-evaluate and update their programs we did a deep dive last year into how we could best continue to serve our Veteran community. We realized that with the overwhelming number of organizations serving Veterans a greater more effective outreach could be accomplished by partnering with other like-minded organizations. Out of those discussions, we made the decision to merge with our long-time partner, Veterans First.


Veterans First has been serving our community for twenty years. While their focus has been serving female veterans they have always helped and guided male veterans in need of service. We have shared a office for many years now with them and supported each others programs and outreach to Veterans. By merging with Veterans First, we can work together to establish an outreach program for male veterans similar to what they already provide for female veterans, expanding services to all Veterans. Several members of the Honor House Board will serve on the Veterans First Board to ensure that this extended outreach to our male veterans is accomplished and maintained. The Instruments for Success program under Honor House would be kept intact as we continue to grow this vital component under Veterans First. We will continue to maintain our website during this transition with a link to the Veterans First website. This merger is effective January 31st, 2022.


As Board members, we have been blessed to serve our Veterans and each of us is committed to continuing our work in various ways. We urge each of you to continue to support the “Hand Up” program which the male veterans’ outreach will fall under and the Instruments for Success program through donations to Veterans First earmarked for one or both programs. 


We are excited about this evolution of our programs and look forward to continuing to serve our veterans.


With Gratitude,

The Board of The Honor House

Your tax-deductible gift helps Honor House & Veterans First stand ready to serve warriors now and throughout the year. There’s no better time to give thanks and give back in honor of their sacrifice.

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